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ICPS is a managed care organisation set up to manage the clinical quality and outcomes of common procedures. ICPS makes use of current evidenced based and standardised approaches to surgery coupled with monitoring, evaluation, feedback and management of the surgical process. The resultant effects are significantly reduced adverse clinical events or complications, improved clinical outcomes, predictable costs for the funders and a reduced need for co-payments from members.

The company has a decade long proven track record of delivering quality and value based healthcare to all the major medical administrators.


Hip and Knee
Joint Replacement Surgery
Spinal Surgery

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ICPS has national networks of experienced and skilled surgeons across various disciplines working in over 100 hospitals which are striving to be 'centers of excellence'.


Our facilities and clinical standards are second to none. Surgeries undertaken on ICPS pathway are done in Netcare, Mediclinic, Life Health Care and other independent hospitals complying with stringent private South African hospital healthcare standards.

Enhanced Recovery after

Our ENHANCED RECOVERY after Surgery programs are based on the latest scientific evidence. Patients are assessed and optimised before the surgery, and the least risky anaethesia and surgery is performed. Patients are rapidly mobilized to enhance the recovery process and to ensure the best possible outcomes for the specific surgery undertaken.

Surgeon Info Pack

New surgeons wanting to contract with ICPS, please register online by selecting Supplier Registration and following the prompts.

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Patient Interviews

These interviews were done with a group of ICPS patients who were happy to share their experiences.

The Team

We have a talented, experienced group of individuals here at ICPS, we are proud of our team and continue to endevour to be a great place to work and to have a career.

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